Know when to say when.

I’m behind on my posts.  I’m behind on just about everything in my life right now, but I’m slowly catching up.  May is a ridiculously busy month for me.  It’s the end of a busy semester (when I let myself get too far behind on grading), AJ’s birthday, Mother’s Day, need to get the garden in, lots of yardwork to catch up on, need to get ready for my summer class, and general end of school year chaos and field trips with all of the kids.  On top of all that (not to mention we had volleyball, baseball, hockey, piano lessons and scouts with the kids thrown in there)…I had planned to do three races in three weekends.  My last post was the race report from my favorite-to-date half marathon (never mind that it was run in the SNOW in MAY – and yes, I know that was more than 3 weeks ago).  I also did a sprint triathlon last weekend (in the pouring cold rain and wind…it was the most miserable I’d been in a race, yet it was fun once we finished!) – don’t worry…the race report is the next post I’ll be working on!  In between I had planned to do a 5K on Mother’s Day.

Know what?  Three races in three weekends is too much.  Every once in awhile, I recognize my limits.  It doesn’t happen as often as it should, I know, but for once, I knew when to say when.  I had actually been looking forward to this 5K (it’s actually my current 5K PR race from Mother’s Day last year) – I’d been working on speed and I thought I could set a new PR.  I’d never scratched from a race before, but I made the decision at the last minute and was immediately at peace with it.


Mother’s Day 5k – 2012
Steph and I ran a sub 25min (full disclosure: 24:59)…maybe could have been faster if we hadn’t been chatting the whole time, but that’s how we roll…


Mother’s Day 5k 2012
Ran the kids’ race with Hannah and her broken arm. The camera guy in the background got the footage that was on the 10pm news!












We didn’t have any big plans for Mother’s Day.  We didn’t actually get out of bed to eat breakfast (Belgian waffles with fresh strawberries – my favorite!) until almost 10am.  I might have been able to run that 5K and be home by then anyway.  But then I would have missed snuggling in bed with two out of three kids (and John) while watching cartoons and dozing in a numb Sunday morning laziness that I almost never allow myself.  We had gone out of town for a race the previous weekend, and I had a triathlon the following weekend…three races in three weekends is too much.  My family makes a lot of sacrifices for me to support my training and the races I run…this one was just not a necessary sacrifice.

Once I commit to something, I don’t like to give up.  I had registered for this race and I scratched.  Is that giving up?  No.  I could have run it.  I was ready for a 5K where I could push my speed (or run with my friends and enjoy the experience!).  I wasn’t weaseling out because I didn’t think I could do it.  I was choosing to say no at that time because spending the time my family for the entire day on Mother’s Day was exactly what I wanted to do that day.  I’m usually running from one place to the next, and squeezing time for John and the kids here and there, wherever and whenever I can.  This time, Mother’s Day was not about squeezing (well, there was plenty of that too as I soaked in the love from my four favorite people!)…I guess it was more about soaking it all up.  A lazy morning.  Belgian waffles with strawberries.  Eating out for lunch at Noodles and Co. (the kids picked…my favorite place to eat is wherever they will not complain, eat a good meal, and behave like human beings…so Noodles it was!) and an afternoon of bowling was just the perfect way to spend my Mother’s Day.  AND…I still got to bike and run in the evening once I took Sarah to hockey practice anyway.  🙂


Yep, these are the people who mean the world to me. It felt so good to know when to say when.


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