Week 2: Apples and Oranges

apples-and-oranges1Sure, apples and oranges make good pre-workout fuel, and even a good post-run snack.  But they’re no good when you compare them.   I know my competitive streak runs deep, and for the most part, it’s a good thing as it makes me push myself harder, faster, longer, better.  However, it’s not a good thing when I start comparing myself to others in terms of how my training is going.  I love connecting with other runners and following their training (and sharing mine) so that we can support each other along the way.  I have fantastic running and training buddies that I’ve gotten to know through Moms on the Run, and Daily Mile is good for that too, for the most part.  Social media is great for maintaining connections, and I’ll admit to being somewhat of a Facebook junkie.  Pinterest, however, makes me feel completely inadequate, so I generally stay away from that one.  But this week it seemed that there was always someone who ran faster, longer, more consistently, was better about getting cross training in, have a bigger or better support network…and then there are those who do super fun things with their kids, and are posting about the joys of parenthood on a day when I’m just trying to get by without doing or saying anything I’ll regret or that the kids will have to work out in a therapy session years from now.

comparison furtick

But – do I compare myself to those that may not be running as fast, as far, or as consistently as I can manage under my life circumstances.  Of course not!  That’s ridiculous! (See how that logic only applies in one direction?!)  I know, my life is crazy busy, and for the most part, I love it that way.  I know I’m lucky to have three active, healthy, curious kids, a husband who is everything a fantastic partner and dad should be (and then some), a job that I love (most days, anyway!), and hobbies that make me happy. AND I have managed to fit all of my training runs in so far…plus some creative cross training.  How you like them apples?  They’re MY apples, so I won’t compare them to somebody else’s oranges.

compare1 compare2

Everyone is at a different place…in life, in training, in relationships.  There are only so many things I can control (and it’s not many!), so I’ll stick to doing the best I can, with what I have, when I can, and be thankful for the people in my life who help, encourage, and support me along the way.  THANK YOU!


Here’s the recap on Training Week 2 (2 down, 14 to go!).  Speed work? Check! I did this one on the treadmill (6mi total): 2mi warmup (6.5mph/9:13) followed by 4×800 (ramped it up on each repeat – 8mph/7:30, 8.1/7:24, 8.2/7:19, 8.3/7:13) with 2min rest intervals (6.0mph/10:00). Finished up with about a 10min cooldown at 6.5/9:13.week 15  Tempo run?  Check!  I did this one (7.3mi) with Shaun and a view of a gorgeous sunrise. 1mi easy warmup (9:45), 5mi at marathon pace (target: 9:17, actual 8:53, 9:14, 9:08, 8:58, 9:00), and 1mi cooldown (8:53…I had trouble slowing down).  Cross training?  Check!  I got in a good game of sand volleyball (and it was a win and we only played with 4, so it was a win AND a good workout!), a bike ride with the kids (nice and leisurely), gardening, and a couple MOTR classes (even biked to one, then ran, then biked home!).  Long run?  Check!  15.37mi total.  One of these weeks I’ll have to do all my miles in one fell swoop, but for now, I’m piecing them together! (1) 3.03mi to DeNae’s house to catch a ride to Bunker, (2) 0.97mi from Activity Center to MOTR Distance Night meeting spot, (3) 3.89mi on water tower route, (4) 3.29mi on BHS route, (5) 1.15mi back to our parking spot, and (6) 3.04mi back home from DeNae’s since she wouldn’t take me all the way home (because I was still 2.67mi shy of my planned 15mi for tonight!). It was supposed to be at 10:02 pace, and some of the miles were at that pace…which means that some of them were definitely faster. I need to work on slowing my LSD runs down…I’m not great at that…and now I’ve entered that uncharted territory of long runs in excess of half marathon distance – something I haven’t done since I ran Twin Cities Marathon in October 2011.


And I always need to maintain focus on why I’m doing this in the first place.  Sure I want to push myself, and I love a goal that’s just lofty enough to seem almost unattainable…but it’s really my Dad who gave me the ambition and motivation to set those kind of goals.   I sure wish he was still here, but I’ll work as hard as I can to make him proud and keep his memory alive by making a difference to those affected by Alzheimer’s Disease.  Please check out my fundraising page – and please consider supporting me with a contribution that will help others coping with this ugly ugly disease.

Now for the numbers:

Miles run so far in 2013: 564.53

Miles run so far in marathon training: 63.63

Fundraising total: $390 (goal is $2000 – please help me!)

Days until Twin Cities Marathon: 95

Thanks for coming on this journey with me.  Together we can make a world of difference.



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